Discover the power of a Service Partnership

Managing the uncertainties around your ICT environment can be difficult, whether it be finding the right subject matter experts, managing staff overheads, or up-skilling your existing team for the services you need.

Viiew’s Service Partnerships provide you with the capability that you require and with the ability to control costs, as part of a fixed-cost multi-year agreement – delivering you more certainty over the longer term.

Service Partnerships are tailored to meet your particular ongoing ICT capability needs – meaning we define the terms of service based on your requirements.

You never lose control over your project or operations, with all capability deployed becoming members of your team operating under your direction.

Additionally, as consultants of Viiew, your deployed team of experts can leverage Viiew’s detailed training programs to develop new skills required for success.

As organisations increasingly consume technology and services differently, a Services Partnership can provide workplace-as-a-service engagements that scale to the demands of your everyday ICT requirements, at the same time as providing you with the flexibility to better manage your risk and achieve success.