Turn on the knowledge you need,
when you need it

Addressing skills shortages, scaling quickly to meet changing requirements, dealing with headcount restrictions and cyclical workloads are all common challenges faced by large organisations.

Viiew’s Augmentation Service helps power your organisation’s ICT by rapidly deploying assessed and supported technology and business experts to work at your premises. We give you the power to consume services as your circumstances require, so you only pay for what you need when you need it.

Our Augmentation Services can be engaged to implement, manage and support your technology requirements on a wide range of projects. We can quickly deploy a wide range of skills sets covering every aspect of IT operations or technology projects.

When we deploy our highly trained experts through our Augmentation Service, they are integrated into your team and are under your management, which means you maintain control over decision-making, IP and outcomes.

If Viiew is informed within 10 business days that our technology expert is inappropriate for the services required, we will remove the individual involved and you will not be invoiced. That is our guarantee to you.

ICT Augmentation Services

Get access to the right knowledge at the right time.

What are the benefits of Viiew’s Augmentation Services?

·       Access to dedicated ICT capability that is focused on your deliverables and priorities

·       Flexibility around your requirements in terms of scope and duration of engagements

·       A tailored guaranteed service delivered through technology experts that come assessed and supported for added reassurance

·       The option to have technology experts work on-site and/or remotely from Viiew offices throughout Australia for further flexibility

·       Continuity of resources to ensure consistency of services

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